Theta Dream Conference

Branding, Motion, Advertising, UX / UI, Print

Theta is a concept dream conference that will educate people on the functionality of dreams in relation to memory, sleeping and health. It will introduce popular, current research on dreams, as well as review the importance of the history of dream psychology. Educating people about dreams combined with intimate, professional-lead group workshops will guide dreamers on an accurate dream interpretation path, creating a unique, immersive experience that no website can offer.

The name of the conference, "Theta," describes the brainwave most active during REM sleep. This is the time when humans dream. The organic, flowing nature of the motion logo depicts the infinite possibilities in dreams. It is fluid and ever-changing, just like the essence of dreaming.

The responsive site is an extension of the conference experience. The white base of the site is calming and introduces the mood of the conference. It has all the information necessary for conference attendees.


Niche marketing allows the Theta conference to advertise on sites that the target audience are likely to visit. This includes dream analysis sites like the popular and more scientifically guided sites like Psychology Today.

Mobile Ticket

No will call. No printers. This mobile scan-friendly ticket will allow a smooth check-in experience for attendees on the first day of the conference.


Dream Journal

Attendees will be given a small journal during their check-in for recording any ideas and thoughts during the conference. This will serve as their "dream journal" they can take home, extending the experience of the conference.


Dive into your dreams.