UX / UI, Branding

People using biking as their primary or only mode of transportation often don’t know how to care for their bikes. Not knowing how to address emergency bike problems can create a huge inconvenience for bike commuters. Taking every bike problem to a bike mechanic can be expensive and unnecessary when many problems can be fixed at home. There’s a lot of information on bike maintenance, but it is scattered and difficult to know where to start. BikeMek is a mobile application teaching bike owners how to care for their bikes for a prolonged, better bike performance. By having easy access to this information, riders will be more confident and have an overall better riding experience.


Track the bike maintenance of your choice during the onboarding experience. BikeMek will recommend how often you need to perform these maintenance tasks and cleanings based on how often you ride.


Set Reminders

To maintain the best condition of your bike, set reminders so you don't forget certain tasks. You can find these in the My Bike section where all of your personal bike updates live.


BikeMek has a wide array of tutorials sorted by bike part. Information like duration and necessary tools for each task is provided for you on each tutorial. You have the option of watching a tutorial video or reading a step-by-step walkthrough with images. If you don't know what a specific part is, clicking on it will give you the definition and show you it in the context of a bike. 


Glossary + Diagram

Bikes are complicated machines. This section of BikeMek is for the biker who doesn't know their bike inside and out. You can explore your bike through an interactive diagram as well as look through the bike parts glossary.


Enjoy the ride.